Sell your van to lovers of #vanlife - Find the van of your dreams !

Hi Everyone,

We have been working for a while on a free website dedicated for your classified ads for lovers of #vanlife.
We are proud to announce that we are now ready to launch it !

To be able to publish your advert, there are several options available for you :

•    International coverage of 26 countries
•    5 currencies  available  (EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, GBP)
•    Localisation in English and French, but soon will be available Spanish, Italian and Deutsch as well.
•    142 differents brands

Why was created this website ?
While on Facebook, we discovered from many vanlifers' feedbacks, those basic adverts were not exactly suitable to the market.
Similarly, on other platforms, there is no access to any specific details, such as the size, the amount of bed, or any other technical aspects... it is complicated to search for the most suitable vehicle.

What is the point of such a service ?
To have access to a worldwide spécialized website allowing our users to find the van of their dreams.

Good advertising of quality for better coverage !
All our adverts are certified and will be linked to other social networks such as

•    Facebook page (+900 subscribers)
•    Facebook Group (+6000 people)
•    Twitter account (+190 subscribers)
•    Pinterest (+1.7k visit/month)

To follow us :

•    Facebook News #vanlife :
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You could subscribe to our FB group, it will give you access to many tips and advices or to shared your nomad moments with +6K followers !

Thanks and see you soon on the road !

Mog Tylan
Vanlifers - Cocampers
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